Welcome to The Tigrikorn Online Fanzine

For over a decade and for 44 issues the Tigrikorn Fanzine featured the saga of a Unicorn/Tiger hybrid creature from another galaxy who comes to Earth as part of a team of freedom fighters. But the Tigrikorn Fanzine was also the showcase for student work from Cartooning Students at Kaleidoscope School of Art in Barrington IL.

Tigrikorn printed editions have been scanned and preserved in a web friendly format. Check out the all TigriKorn issues online. I hope you enjoy the mix of comics & writing by students at Kaleidoscope and myself in the Archives.

From 2011 through 2012 Tigrikorn creator Doug Jennings took part in a 365 Day Creativity Project to develop the character of Tigrikorn more fully. The record of the project entries are posted on Flickr

Tigrikorn character and art Copyright and TM 2012 by Doug Jennings.

Other art and comics in the zine is Copyright 2009 by the respective artists.

If you have any questions or comments about this zine or Kaleidoscope School of Art, please don't hesitate to contact me.
Doug Jennings
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U can also e-mail me at: dougjennings@email.com